Monday, May 16, 2011

Monkey Found (she came in thru the bathroom window)

Good News!!  Monkey the cat has been found.  Once again, my brother-in-law Charlie came to the rescue of a cat.  The flyer above is what Charlie used to identify Monkey.
Charlie was standing at the sink on the second floor of the Manse at the Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on the Green when he looked out the window and saw a cat on the roof.  He noticed that it looked a lot like Monkey, the cat on the flyers that were taped to trees in the neighborhood.  He immediately ran downstairs to get one of the flyers, a can of cat food and a bowl of water.  Back upstairs he opened the window and made the identification.  Monkey raced inside, grateful to be fed and safe. She was missing for two weeks.
Charlie called the phone number, and Monkey's Dad said that he was at work but would be home in an hour.  When Dad arrived he called Monkey's name and she came running to him.
Monkey has been to the vet for a check-up and all is well.
You might recall from a previous post when Suzanna didn't feel well, it was Charlie who told me what to do.

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